How will window blinds colour evolve in 2020?

We are on the verge of a brand new decade. Not only do we move into a new year but a new era for interior design, colour and style. As you can imagine, the team here at Shop4Blinds are passionate about on aspect of home design – window blinds. And, we’re dedicated to bringing a range of different styles, designs and colours into your home. No matter if you’re styling a bedroom, living room or playroom, you should have window blinds that fit your needs exactly. So, with the likes of Pantone, Dulux and Behr announcing their Colours of 2020, we thought it only fitting to see how colour will change as the new year progresses. Let’s take a look at some of the key changes we’ve seen predicted.

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Classic Blue – How to incorporate the colour of 2020 into your home with window blinds

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of a year. And, in fact, the end of the decade. So, you may be wondering where to take your interior design next. Perhaps you love the look of your home but feel it could use an injection of colour. Or, maybe you’re looking for an entire overhaul. Well, look no further than Classic Blue. Predicted to be the Colour of the Year in 2020, this versatile tone is one you’ll find easy to dress in your home. And, if you find the bulk of your inspiration flurries towards the end of the year, we’re here to help you put it to work. 

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Should window blinds match your wall colour?

Whether you’ve spent hours trawling Pinterest or have an idea in mind, styling your home is exciting. From window blinds through to carpet, there are a whole host of decisions to make. Will you have carpet fitted? Can you get away with that bold wallpaper? Will your other half notice the gold pineapple lamp you’ve been eyeing up? No matter what you’re creating, you want a room to love. And the only way to do that is choose items you love that work together. 

So when it comes to window blinds, we ask the age old question – should window blinds match the colour of your walls? It doesn’t matter how adept you are at imagining your room fully dressed. Small features such as this can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a room. In this blog, we address this question and give you our tips to styling the perfect room. 

First things first – blind style

There’s no point worrying about colour if you don’t know what sort of window blind you’re after. And there are various styles available on the market. Roller blinds are classic, versatile and can be ordered in an array of patterns. Vertical blinds are perfect for longer window or patio doors. Equally, they’re easy to maintain with Replacement Blind Slates available to match. 

If you’re looking for elegance, consider Motorised or Electric Blinds too. These can be controlled by a remote control and adjusted from a distance. And, if you’re looking to for a classic design, Wooden Blinds are an elegant option. Once you choose the style of window blind you love, it will be considerably easy to address colour. 

Compliment or Contrast 

Now, let’s talk style. Some people fall in love with very specific, complementary pallets. We’ve all been in a wonderfully modern room with varying shades of the world’s favourite neutral – grey. Equally, some people just have an eye for colour pallets that work seamlessly together. If you’re looking to recreate something like this, definitely consider matching your blinds to the wall colour. Even if you go a few shades darker or lighter, this will only help to accentuate the style you’ve created. 

However, if you’re someone who celebrates bold clashing prints, now is the time to experiment. Think bright orange walls with green blinds! Or, more subtly, grey walls with a highly patterned, floral blind. Sometimes it pays to be bold and introduce the colours you love all in one place. Our one word of advice here though would be to consider longevity. We love those who take risks but be aware that you may fall out of love with the style quickly. And if redecorating isn’t your thing, this could be a bad option. 

Trim Colour 

Most window blinds will come accompanied with a trim. These are normally white, black or silver. If you’re looking to create a style that will last, consider using this as a starting point. Matching your blind to the trim will create a stylish and uniformed look with timeless appeal. Equally, you could opt for a similar tone but slightly darker to create contrast. 

The benefit here lies in the longevity. No matter how many times you redecorate your room, the window blind trim colour won’t change. So you won’t be forced to buy replacement blinds sooner than desired either. 

Match blinds to furniture

One of the best tips we ever had was to match blinds to your furniture. Most home owners will purchase furniture that they love. And pieces they expect to have in their homes forever. Therefore, choosing complimentary colours in your blinds should have a similar impact. Especially if you’re opting for wooden blinds. 

If the furniture in your home does little to spark imaginations, match blinds to your soft furnishings. A favourite pillow, perhaps? Or even the throw that takes the chill away each winter. Subtle hints like this make a room look out together. 

Now, over to you

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this question. However your style takes you is where you should go. So experiment and browse the Shop4Blinds website today for more window blind inspiration. 

Our Top 5 Autumn Floral Window Blinds for 2019

If like us, you love switching around your interior design to match the seasons, this blog post is for you. We love the way the world seems to change in a matter of days as the colder months sneak in. Your window blinds needn’t be one of those things that stay static in your home if you don’t want them to be. Equally, the right blinds will help you create a timeless style that stays relevant, even as current trends come and go. If there’s one pattern that seems to remain beloved no matter what the age, it’s florals. And, with Autumn already here and Winter just around the corner, we thought it appropriate to bring you our top 5 floral window blinds here today. 

Chrysanth Scarlet Roller Blinds

Chrysanth Scarlett Roller Blinds for Autumn 2019

Not only do these blinds have an autumnal colour pallet, they also feature a flower known to be a late-season bloomer – the Chrysanthemums. Coming into their full beauty between late summer and early winter, they are the perfect floral to incorporate into your interior style. Here, we have paid homage to these popular flowers with the Chrysanth Scarlet Roller Blinds. They featured a muted cream background, detailed with deep red flowers and curling leaves. Simple, classic and a choice that befits the look of any home. As with every full blind set available in our range, they are made-to-measure. Pair with dark red accessories – whether placed in the kitchen, living room or office.

Bloom Mulberry Roller Blinds

Once again, classic styling has taken centre stage here. Muted purple Dahlia flowers feature in all their finery, pictured here in full bloom and alongside ghost-like leaves. The warm background colour is one that brings in the hues from outside and pairs beautifully with homes of all different styles. When rolled down, these blinds are an autumnal treat for the eyes – sitting elegantly in any room of the house. We see them hung with care in offices, displayed in kitchens or styled into dining rooms, perhaps even alongside the real thing. Our made-to-measure roller blinds will sit against your windows perfectly and give you the dash of seasonal colour you’ve been searching for. 

Satina Crimson Roller Blinds

Pantone have released their recommendations for AW2019 colours and, as expected, reds play a role instantly. So there couldn’t be a run down of autumnal window blinds without including our Satina Crimson Roller Blinds. The rich red backdrop plays host to a flurry of grey flowers – a dash of whimsical femininity that looks effortless in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens alike. Again, our roller blinds are made-to-measure for the perfect fit and offer ample light control. Complimentary accessories have to replicate the rich red colours so think about introducing this seasonal tone into cushions, throws, photo frames and shelf ornaments for a tied-together look. 

Virtue Oatmeal Roller Blinds

There’s something warming about oatmeal colour – one that brings up memories of steaming hot porridge and cosy knitted jumpers. Our Virtus Oatmeal Roller Blinds are the perfect embodiment of that while continuing to celebrate floral details. The blooms that feature here look almost like half-budded dandelion seeds, finished in muted tones and styled alongside dark grey leaves. Create an autumnal haven by bringing these soft cream colours into the rest of your home accessories – think matching tea towels for the kitchen, fluffy throws in your dining room and perhaps wooden shelves to keep everything warm. 

Flourish Redcurrant Roller Blinds

And for our final choice, we hope back to a love for red. This is the perfect colour to carry you through all seasons. These window blinds seem to capture scattered berries on a crisp, autumnal floor. The pairing between dark reds, muted greens and deep beige tones works beautifully and pays homage to the warm colours of this season. Again, choose your accessories to accentuate the details here. Dark red ornaments, muted grey walls or even strong contrast to allow the pattern to stand out. These roller blinds are impressively easy to operate and can be made bespoke to fit any window in your home. 

Florals are always a sure-fire winner when it comes to styling your home. They have timeless appeal alongside offering a range of different options to fit your needs. Here at Shop4Blinds, we have a variety of different floral window blinds to suit every room. Equally, if you’re looking for something specific, get in touch with the team here today. 


White Window Blinds – The Style Choice of the Century

White Window Blinds – the most versatile accessory on the planet. There’s something about this charming tone that manages to captivate each and every one of us. Even if you’re someone who loves bold colour, a touch of white only helps to heighten the look and style of your room. And you can introduce it in so many different ways and places. Perhaps the walls of your home get brushed in a soft white to match the patterned feature wallpaper? Or maybe it’s the accessories that adorn your shelves that seem plucked from a Winter Wonderland? However you choose it, white is an ever-popular colour in interior design and one that has no desire to disappear.

An image showing white sheer roller blinds in a light and spacious living room

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Nursery Blinds: Avoid sleepless nights with the right window blinds

As your tiny bundle begins to grow, transitioning them into their own room can be a daunting prospect. After 6 months of sleeping next to you and having the soothing ‘shoosh’ of your voice washing over them, they’ll now find themselves nestled in the cocoon of their own cot. So, how do you make sure they get the best sleep possible? One of the best ways is to take control of light distribution. Light has a dramatic effect on how easy we find it to fall into a deep sleep. And, as your little one comes to terms with this new concept, managing light is a brilliant way to help. In this blog post, we take a look at how the right nursery blinds can make a massive difference for your baby.

An image showing a baby's bedroom darkened by nursery blinds

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Venetian Blinds: The Shop4Blinds guide to these classic and practical window dressings

When it comes to classic window dressings, there really is only one option – Venetian blinds. From a chic dressing room through to the family living area, these durable and attractive blinds give you the privacy you deserve. They are practical and stylish – lending themselves to both contemporary and classic homes. Today, we’re delving into these well-loved window options to give you all the information you need to decide if they’re right for you.

An image showing cream Venetian blinds installed on a small window

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Vertical Blinds – The comprehensive Buyers Guide into these stylish window dressings

When it comes to styling your home, there is so much to consider. Where will you place your favourite cabinet? Will the television be hung on the wall or stood on a unit? What type of window blinds will you choose – vertical blinds perhaps? Ok, so we think it’s pretty obvious that the last question peaks our interest a tad more than the first two. We are firm believers that the right window blinds make a room complete. And today, we’re here to talk about vertical window blinds.

An image showing navy blue vertical windows blinds in an open plan living area

So, if you’re looking for something that is both modern and classic to dress your windows, take a browse through our comprehensive Buyers guide right here.

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Waterproof Blinds – The why, the how and the where here at Shop4Blinds

If it’s a bathroom or kitchen renovation you have planned, waterproof window blinds could be the perfect option. These modern window dressings are the perfect option for busy families short on time but seeking that contemporary style. At Shop4Blinds, we are passionate about bringing you as much information as possible to ensure you make the most informed decision. That’s why, today, we’re discussing waterproof window blinds and how they could improve the way you look after your home.

An image showing a freestanding bath tub in a modern bathroom with waterproof roller blinds

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Blackout Blinds: The Shop4Blinds Buyers Guide with everything you need to know about these window dressings

Blackout blinds have become, and continue to be, one of the most popular options when it comes to window dressings. From bedrooms to offices and kitchens, these high-quality window blinds work effectively to control the amount of light that gets into your home. When closed, they help to create an entirely private and dark haven for the entire family.

Image showing patterned blackout blinds in a living room

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